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Cloning or Ghosting Firmware
Is it possible to Ghost the firmware on the davinci machines?

I havent used ghost (cloning) software for many years - I used to use it all the time whilst experimenting on computers, in order to quickly restore OS and settings.
For those who don't know, Ghosting or Cloning makes a copy, bit for bit, of a HDD - it doesn't copy files or anything else as such, it just copies the bits.  This way anything on the new disk is exactly as it was on the old, and is in all ways identical.

Now, we know that reverting davinci firmware on sd cards isnt possible on some machines including my AiO, which I keep procrastinating about changing to repetier.

I wondered if it were possible to clone the sd card in order to have a backup copy of the firmware? Or is the firmware on the SD card or not?
I see from the net that SD card and SSD cloning software is available, but wondered whether anyone has tried it, and if so, were the results any good?

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