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Flashing to Repetier - different computers
I have decided to switch to repetier to allow me to control my AiO more.  I don't mind losing the scanner for now - I have no doubt that in the future it will be functional.


I have several USB devices including Internal USB Hubs on my main PC.
I know that when flashing to repetier, I need to identify the usb port that the printer is on etc.

As there are several usb devices there, would it be better to use my laptop to do the initial flashing, in order to simplify things?
If I do this, do I then need to do anything else on the original PC (e.g. go through any configuration when I install repetier there - this will be the pc I use for repetier printing)
- if I uninstall the printer from windows (10) and uninstall XYZ software as well, will it make it any easier to find the repetier flashed printer when I plug it back into the main PC?
and so the tumbleweeds blew through the thread.... Smile
(01-13-2017, 12:20 PM)AndyTake2 Wrote: and so the tumbleweeds blew through the thread.... Smile

hi I have no I dear on programing
tried to get rid of 123 software firmware but just 2 black bars aois da vinci so is there step by step info to get repetier on to it cant find the right software its all dues ec  happy to pay just stuck

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