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Error 0030
I am currently experiencing a flurry of errors. First I had error 0011 but made a temporary way to fix that. Now I have error 0030. The motor is moving and does work. I can tell because when i turn on the printer the x axis moves to the left a little bit but then stops moving and doesn't go to the correct place. I have opened up the back and looked at the motherboard, I tried to switch the motor x and motor y cables to see if it is the cables but I am unsure on how to take the connectors out without ripping my motherboard out. Does anyone know what I should do in this circumstance? I have a video but it is pretty bad quality. You can see my trash in the printer but don't mind that ( the extruder does move a tiny bit to the left if you look closely.)  I  also have realized in around 1/100 of the times i turn the printer on and off it homes correctly and the x axis moves but that rarely happens.
EDIT: I forgot to say I have a davinci 1.0a

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