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Bed height and other settings

I am new here and wanted to make this my first post.

I ordered an XYZ DaVinci 1.0a and flashed the latest Repetier host firmware (0.92.10) before I did anything else with the printer, because I assumed it was somewhat leveled at the factory before shipping. Everything went without a hitch and looks like it's working to a point but I would like to dial in some settings and get a few of my questions answered before I go further and make a mistake.

I followed some guides (some good and some bad) to try and level my bed-this one seemed to be the most helpful for auto leveling, but in his video he has his measurements (bed height lower) at around 1.4mm on Z, Y, X. The problem I started with is I couldn't even run an auto calibration until I ran a manual calibration using a piece of paper, but when I try his method after doing so the closest I get is 5.1mm on Z, Y, X.  Does this seem like I have a height issue or because we have different model's? Is there a good way to dial it down correctly?  I'm worried that if I print a tall object and my bed rises back to home, that it will hit the ceiling of the printer upon completion.

I think I have pretty good settings for when I test printed a 20mm cube using Repetier/Slic3r, but it seems like I can do a bit better. The cube and the raft under it printed great I think...but when measured under my caliper it's only about 19.82mm +/- which is obviously not 20mm exact. Is this related to my software settings or the printer bed calibration?

Is there anything else I should have done through the Repetier menu after loading fail-safe and calibrating manually and saving my settings?

Any help for a XYZ newbie from some experienced users? I can supply screen shots of settings if needed.


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