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Black bars after flashing
  I'm trying to get Repetier on my Davinci 1.0. I think I'm doing everything correctly, but after uploading Repetier to the printer, nothing happens, except that windows now complains that "one of the USB devices has malfunctioned..."
I've downloaded the Repetier from today, which is based on the 0.92.10 beta, and am using Arduino 1.6.9. I follow the steps below:
1. Open back panel, short the jump with a paper-clip, turn the printer on. It shows the black bars like it's supposed to. I've tried both leaving the printer on and shutting it off and back on again prior to the next step.
2. Drag the hardware folder from the downloaded repetier zip to the arduino program files located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware. It asks me to replace the USBCore.ccp and variant.cpp, which I do indeed replace.
3. Open Repetier.ino in Arduino 1.6.9. I had to download the Arduino SAM boards v1.6.8 to get the "Arduino Due (Native USB Port)" option to show up. It seems to connect just fine. I hit upload. It runs through the process, and says it's verified, and cpu restart.
4. Nothing. From what I understand, the printer should reset itself, the LCD should light up, and the menu should be there, but I get nothing but black bars.

Has anyone had this issue, or have guesses as to what I'm doing incorrectly?
BTW. thanks Luc and the other devs who helped out, I appreciate the ability to abandon XYZ's horrible slicer.
You point 2 is wrong - check the FAQ on my readme about location of variant.cpp, also download of Due must be done before updating variant.cpp, as you have to replace the one from due package not the one from program files
You sir are a god among men. Thank you. You were correct on both points; installing the board-manager after replacing the files is counter-productive, and the files are in a new location. (PS. In the readme's step 4, you may want to explicitly state that the newer Arduino IDE's have it in AppData; none of the video guides I saw had the files anywhere but in Program Files. Just to save people from needing to refer to the FAQ every time)
My files were in a slightly different location for whatever reason; they were in C:\Users\[me]\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino\hardware\sam\1.6.8
I haven't printed or anything to check that it's working, but the menus work, so I assume the firmware is on there properly.
Thank you again Luc, both for helping me, and for compiling the repitier specifically for the Davinci.

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