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Da Vinci 1.0 - Repetier 0.92 Part out / Unit sale
Hey I have a Da Vinci 1.0 flashed with repetier 0.92. Looking to part it out or sell as a full unit. Parting it out will only occur if there is enough interest in enough parts otherwise i'll opt to sell it as a full unit.

Every part is available and in excellent shape the machine hasn't had much use. Aside from this the only other problem with the machine is the z axis nut has some play and needs replacement everything else is rock solid shims are done and shims for the bed screws were also done to eliminate the play on the back of the bed. Also shims are added to the right side Z axis rod bearings so there is no play there either. Also the glass has been flipped due to a small chip and with a replacement heater element added from the Da Vinci zone

For part outs it will be organized on a first claim basis. When sufficient parts are claimed I will decide whether a part out will occur or whether i'll opt to sell as a full unit. If someone wants to make an offer on the full unit as well please do! 

Items will ship from Canada and payments will be in CAD$

Thanks for looking!

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