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Unable to Flash - HELP
I have flashed my Da Vinci 1.0a, several times (erasing the eprom each time).  After each flash my pc no longer recognized the printer, it constantly tries to find the device, and the display is blacked out.  The device manager shows "unknown device".  But after jumping J37 my pc has no problem seeing it as a "Bossa connected device".  

At this point I just want to get my printer back to either stock or get repetier working, either would be fine with me.

I have tried using Atmel command prompt but it says there is no device on the com port I'm using, even though my pc is seeing and I can use Arduino to try and flash again but I'm getting zero results.  Is there a way to use Arduino to flash the stock firmware or use the Micro SD Card to do it???

Arduino - 1.6.9
Added sam board to get the Due
Flashing with - Repetier-master

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I had to load Arduino 1.5.8 and pull the bossac.exe file out and load Repetier using the command prompt. Also the newest version (.92) didn't work for me either. I used .91 of Repetier firmware.
Where did you find a version of .91 repetier that supports 1.0A? I'd like to try an older version of repetier fw because .92.10 isn't working for me.

There is no 0.91 based working for 1.0A as far I know, 0.91based  is only for 1.0/2.0 
the only version that support 1.0A/2.0A/AiO is 0.92.3 based and 0.92.10 based

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