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J47 and J57 on DaVinci 1.0A - 5/12V issue
Hey guys, so I shorted the breakout board on the carriage while fixing the fan with POWER ON and my printer is out of action.
It is a Da Vinci 1.0a model.

First thing I have done is bridge R271 and put an inline fuse in on the hot wire, this didn't solve the issue the heater wires have 0V after this, checking it with the multimeter. I removed the bridge and resoldered it again to be sure it's connected.

If you have a look at my attached photo there are some numbers.

A) If I touch number 1 and 2 with the multimeter I get 12V but I do not get 12V from touching both wires in the plug (number 2 and its ground on the right of it).

B) 12V led is illuminated.

C) 5V led is NOT illuminated. Number 3.

D) Can J47 and J57 also be bridged? Is this my issue? One has an ohm reading but the other one does not. Number 4.

I am not sure I will be able to replace J47 and J57 myself without damaging the board however I would certainly be able to bridge each one.

IF anyone knows what my next step should be I would really appreciate the feedback. 
I feel like I am close to having this running again and would love to avoid shelling out for a new motherboard.

[Image: ?YG2mKiB.jpg]
problem solved, replaced J47 with small inline fuse.

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