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Repetier .92.10 master on DaVinci 1.0 zprobing is FIXED!
I had actually spent a few hours modding the "auto bed leveling" routine in the last .92 firmware, but before actually trying it, I decided to check for a newer firmware version on Github.
Lo and behold, there was a newer version (.91.10). It works great! Finally the auto bed calibration and zmin setting actually WORKS! 
Thanks to whoever rewrote the mess that was "auto calibration"!
The reason people hate auto z probing on the  DaVinci is that the way the sensing is done is so fragile. You MUST clean the coating of condensed ABS vapor from the probe and bed frame thoroughly or it just won't work. I rub some DeOxit on the frame to keep the stuff from sticking but it's still a pain. Glad it doesn't require recalibration very often. 
It really needs a reluctance sensor on the extruder carriage instead of the stupid contact screw. That's a mod for another day.

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