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Will Repetier work on Da Vinci 1.0A with firmware 1.0.6?
I got a new Da Vinci 1.0A with firmware 1.0.6 this version will not let me set the extruder temp after I flash the cartridge eeprom, the reset works for a new 240M spool etc but the the stock 210C temp remains no matter what I do in the arduino reset sketch I.E. cannot set temp to 230C etc. I got a new spool of aftermarket filament but it needs around 230C so it keeps "clicking" my extruder because it cannot heat it up enough. I have heard of the slic3r software and their workarounds editing the G-Code in Notepad++ but this seems like a hassle. Is there another software alternative to XYZware that will let me set the extruder temp without risking repetier bricking? Has anyone flashed my particular model with FW1.0.6 with Repetier successfully?? If so please drop me a line and tell me your story and how you did it. I refuse to pay for XYZ expensive 600g refills which are just a little over a half of a typical 1Kg spool that cost only about $20 versus $30+ for an XYZ 600g spool thats just ridiculous, please message me, Help!

yes see :
(10-02-2016, 08:34 AM)luc Wrote: yes see :

Thanks luc!! can you please tell me if I should use Arduino 158 with Repetier .92.3  with the 158 compatible hardware files etc
or go with the Arduino 169 with the new .92.10 Repetier? let me know buddy thanks again!!
Up to you
0.92.3 is now old (1 year at least) but still stable if you do not use Autolevel and do not use new features
0.92.10 is the active one - has more features and have better autolevel

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