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Thermistor issue
I have a DaVinci 1.0 running Repeiter .92 and an E3D v6 hot end for over a year now with no issues.  A couple of days ago I turned on the printer and noticed when it first boots the temp on the hotend was showing  -20 and then within a few seconds DEF .  Even though the thermistor was reading correctly at 100 I ordered a new one.  The new one has the same issue.  I have taken every thing apart and my multi meter shows continuity all the way back to the motherboard and I can also read 100 there as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Is there a way to test the motherboard?

Thank you
As a test you could swap the bed and extruder thermistor wires. And/or perhaps you could connect a 100K ohm resistor in place of the thermistor. Doing that at the actual thermistor and then at the motherboard would at least help to isolate the problem.
Hi Medfoch. Did you get this figured out? My thermistor is working correctly as well but I'm getting nothing showing on the RH software.

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