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Z Probing w/ e3d
Hello all,

I was having a heck of a time leveling the bed of my printer after installing the e3d a few weeks ago.  Since than I have found that for me the easier way of doing it is with the method that Chuck explains on his you tube video that prints a series of small circles in a pattern of a large circle, so basically it is printing small circles all the way around the perimeter of the print bed... I modified the file to my liking and then you basically just adjust as it is printing til you get the right "spread" on your first layer.  Also, the blue painters tape is incredible.  I have only had to replace a couple pieces so far but normally I can get the printed part off without ripping the tape, and it almost sticks too good.  I am printing parts that are said to be the most difficult parts to print without warping and have absolutely NO warp whatsoever with ABS.  Sooo happy I finally tried this blue tape because warping is the trouble that was plaguing me most and the reason for my obsession with making the bed level.

  Huh  My question now is regarding the e3d and the obvious loss of the z-probe functionality.  Its not a big deal no, but I am just wondering if it is possible to re-implement into the e3d modification.  With my very limited understanding of PCBs and electronics in general, it looks to me that all of the wiring for the z-probe is actually in the bed and not in the nozzle that was removed itself.  The only working variable that is removed with the e3d conversion as far as I can tell would be the little pin that makes contact with the bed, which causes a circuit to complete, meaning that this would be the ground.  Idea   I might be way off here but wouldn't it therefore be possible to just use the nozzle itself to initiate a z-probing if the offset was obviously changed to 0?  I may have explained this completely wrong so if I need to I will start over but if anyone has an idea of what I am getting at please let me know.  Also, I have searched for this but it wouldn't be the first time that I have missed some information buried somewhere in some forum.  So if this discussion is already been completely covered just a link would be great instead of a comment that explains why I am bad at using a search engine.  Tongue Thanks in advance for any info and thank you to all the contributors to this forum in general, I am so happy with my Da Vinci 1.0 now that the upgrades are complete and I am getting good adhesion!  It is really incredible what you can do with a "crappy cheap low end 3d printer" and to think I could have spent over twice as much to get something with a build platform maybe less than half the size.... Suckers!
There's a brief discussion on it here .....
I would tend to agree that's it's not worth the bother though, manual levelling is so much less hassle and works far better.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

Did anything changed in this field? The mentioned topic is way old, and it seems there was some progress done with sensors, especially appearing the contact sensors like BLTouch. Did anyone try to apply them to DaVinci board?

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