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SOLVED: Multiple issues Da Vinci 1.0a - Basic Settings for Rep and Slic3r?
Hi All,

TLDR, is there a page of settings for Slic34 / Repetier that people use as a baseline not referred to below?

I have a Da Vinci 1.0a that I have firmware flashed to Repetier.

I have had mixed results (skewing) more towards fails and I'm quickly getting frustrated...but Alas I knew this wouldn't be set and forget.

Most of the time it's either 

Bad adhesion, I've tried glue sticks harispray and blue tape.
The blue tape smells as the adhesive is heated from the bed so that sucks anyway.
The gluestick works if I have multiple layers of it built up on the bed....which makes me question whats the point of levelling the bed with clearly not being even / the extruder cutting into the glue...if that makes sense.

The only glue that seemed to work well was the one that came with it (or at least it gave a better surface for adhesion for the other glue....)
In theory the abs should stick to the glass without need to additional stuff right? (First few models I printed with the default firmware worked...yes I took a chip out off the glass but that's another story Smile)

My supports will most of the time start coming away from the model / stringing (These are the supports that come from the model up, the ones from the bed to the model usually move...again poor adhesion.)

I've tried with brims, rafts etc and same deal.

I have manually leveled the bed using the sheet of paper method (Though just one, not double over so that's probably another test to complete)

Used Slic3r settings based on this post

Repetier Settings as per

Quick setting overview
Extruder 230, bed 100
.2 layer height
Cooling @ 100% (I have tried both off and auto with same issues)
3 top and bottom layers
10% infill with 3 wall vertices

If anyone could guide me in the right direction it would be super helpful. Thank you Smile


Supports Stringing
[Image: GfoFC]

Top not smooth
[Image: pGOtXDf]
Tried upping / downing temperature.
Tried slower print time and same issue. (had a 2:30 print for a 30mm heigh tooth as example)

[Image: tVZGd3O]
[Image: I00Du]
[Image: MyzFHmd]
Likely because I forgot to store EPROM after manually levelling several times. Derp

Test print with no adhesive is looking good.

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