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Extruder thermistor fried?
I flashed my Da Vincy 1.0 (the new model) to repetier 0.92 long ago. Everything was woking fine until I got a "heater decoupled mid-print in a 24 hour print.
The heater works fine, yet my extruder thermistor shows only 7°C after start. Turning the heater on doesn't change anything, yet the extruder gets hot pretty fast and my fan starts.
After some minutes, I get a heater decoupled error and the extruder is shutting down. 
Is  my thermistor fried?
I got a NTC3950 lying around. is ther any thermistor table matching? How to change the thermistor table?
Got same issue, it is continuity issue, unplug / plug thermistor connector usually bring back to normal, connector is known to be  loose
Thats what I read and tried too. Even used some terminal grease for better contact, still 7°C.
Maybe soldering some cabel to the small board with a better connector attached?
The solution was pretty easy. The cable was broken. on the thermistor itself it came loose and under the heatshrink too.
My spare thermistor ( bought within a ED V6 clone) was shortcircuited in the heater block of the clone and therefore gave me only def def. Once freed and screwed in my heater block everything went fine.

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