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The trick to print flexible filament with Davinci 2 0
hi everyone,
i found a solution to print flexible filament on davinci 2.0 (flashed with repetier 0.92) with regular extruders,
the filament comes from hobbyking 
bends super easily but is less elastic than rubber or filaflex
i printed it @ 220° on a cold bed , but it sticks better @50° with a bit of uhu gluestick
i also made a small modification and added a piece of PTFE tube at the top of the hot end throat, so that the filament does not bend between the feeder and the hotend
i also had to bevel it with an Xacto knife to fit with the feeder wheels 
if you're not lucky it can take time because it's nearly impossible to see inside,
i marked the ptfe tube by pushing it against the wheels and the cut it

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