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Bed Taking Twice as Long to Heat Up?
Hi all,

I've been using a stock da Vinci 1.0 for over two years now, and have noticed that my heated bed is taking a lot longer to heat up than it used to.

As a bit of background, when I originally purchased the machine, it took around 6-8 minutes to reach 90 C from ambient temperature.  During one of the firmware/software updates, I noticed that the time for the bed to heat up was significantly reduced, taking around 4 minutes to reach 90 C from ambient temperature.

The past few days, though, I have found that my machine has gone back to taking up to 8 minutes to heat up to 90 C from ambient temperature.

We are in the middle of winter here at present, but the unit has been heating up fine until recently.

"Ambient" "cold" temperature in the unit is around 22 C, when the unit is not in use.

As soon as the current print job finishes, I plan to check all the connections going to the bed, and see if that is the issue.

It's not a problem, as such, but I hate to see the performance of the machine deteriorate, when I can find no obvious reason for it.

Has anyone else encountered this? Should I be concerned?



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