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PLA Settings for Slic3r or Cura?
I have a Da Vinci 1.0A running repetier firmware and just ran out of stock filament that came with it. I ordered some hatchbox ABS but it had incredible amounts of edge lift and deformation towards the base. I sent it back and got PLA instead (when the PLA arrrived it came vacuum wrapped with a hydro-absorband dessicator beads, the ABS i got came with the beads but not vacuum wrapped so it may have been the cause of the warping).

I have been using some slic3r settings given to me by someone on who also has a 1.0a but i don't have any good PLA settngs. I know PLA prints at a lower tempr for extruder and much lower bed temperature (if bed is even used) but i don't know what to use for the speeds page of the slic3r settings.

If you could share your PLA (and ABS if you want, i'm always open) settings i would appreciate them very much! You can export them, type them, or just post screenshots! 

I am also open to using other slicing engines if you have good settings for them but right now i've only ever used slic3r.

Thanks so much!
I am not sure if this sounds rude, but self-built printers can never run from "manufacturer suggested". It depends on so many factors, if the machine is calibrated well, the hotend type, what kind of extruder you are using.

Am I just being shortsighted here, or am I completely wrong on this one? I just can't imagine any two printers being the same.

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