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Different Boards in Different Filament Cartridges
Hi all,

I noticed something while I was removing spools from "empty" XYZ ABS cartridges yesterday, which helps explain the issue I encountered, when trying to reset "old" cartridges and "new" cartridges with the resetter I built recently, as per this thread.

I found three different versions of boards in my collection of cartridges, as follows:
  • CAR VER 1.0, dated 2013-10-1;
  • CAR VER 2.0, dated 2014-6-18; and
  • CAR VER 2.0, dated 2016-X-X (I was sure that I had two chips dated for 2016, but when I went to sort the pile of chips out later, I could not find them.  I noticed the difference as I was surprised that the 2016 dated boards had the same version number, as I expected it to be incremented again).
The VER 1.0 boards were all in the "original" cartridges - i.e.: those cartridges that do not have the white plastic "lock" through the center of the newer cartridges.  The VER 2.0 boards, dated 2014, were in both the older style cartridge, and the newer style. The VER 2.0 boards, dated 2016, were in the newer cartridges.

When I was using my resetter, I found that I was unable to reset any of my newer cartridges, and some of my older cartridges. The printer would recognise that the cartridges had been reset to 120/120, but I got an error when I tried to print with any of them.

I had no problems resetting the majority of my older cartridges.

I flashed my Arduino with the current version of the EEPROM.ino, which I got from here, dated September 14, 2014.  It would appear that this program works fine with VER 1.0 of the board, but not for VER 2.0 of the board.

I should point out that I am printing with an unmodified da Vinci 1.0.

My questions are these:
  • Is there a more recent version of this file, that works on the VER 2.0 boards, for use in a da Vinci 1.0?
  • Alternatively, is there another file out there, that works with the VER 2.0 boards, for use in a da Vinci 1.0?
The above are moot questions, from my perspective, as my resetter works fine with a VER 1.0 board, and I have plenty of spares if one dies.  However, there may be others out there who are trying to make their own resetters, who are using an unmodified da Vinci 1.0, but only have a VER 2.0 board.

For the record, I have removed all my "empty" spools from their cartridges and have thrown all but one of the new cartridges away.  I have taken a VER 1.0 board that has been successfully reset, and have fitted it into the new cartridge.  Now I can print with the remaining filament left over from my "empty" spools, either by installing them into the empty cartridge, or just feeding the filament directly into the extruder, from the spool, while leaving the reset cartridge in place in the printer (which was the point of this exercise, so "YAY"). 

There's probably close to two cartridges worth of filament left over on these spools, in various colours.

One day, I might be brave enough to try using third party filament in the printer, but I doubt I will try this until my current stocks of filament run out.

I hope this has been of use to someone, and has either solved a problem for you, or sent you down a new path towards solving a problem.


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