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Firmware 1.x on Da Vinci 1.0A
After researching that one could hack the cartridge system for the Da Vinci I settled on buying one.  It is decent hardware especially for the price.  The problem I am having is that I have a very new printer (as of may 2016) which has the latest firmware (2.something).  This firmware won't allow changing the print bed temp or nozzle temp using the cartridge hack.  Is there a way to downgrade the firmware one a 1.0A (not a 1.0)?  If no one knows how, does anyone have the 1.x firmware for the Da Vinci 1.0A?

I enjoy having a warranty but will resort to anything to achieve my goals.
From my understanding this is the 1.x firmware for the Da Vinci 1.0A.  Now that I have the binary, are there methods to flash it to the Da Vinci?

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