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MK3 bed completed
Glass broke for the 3rd time so I said screw it. Bought the MK3 bed. Used original thermocouple and original wires from the OEM heater, just soldered it. Used the probing brackets to hold down the bed, just how it is with the original setup, works way better than binder clips. Taped the probing wires so I wont short anything. Changed the z-axis sensor placement, had to lower it. 

[Image: 1lHy04f.jpg]
I got my MK3 bed installed a couple days ago. I printed some mounts I found on Thiniverse (had to shorten them a bit.)  A couple of test prints later and I had it all lined up and working great. Today I was printing my first real print and it was looking awesome right up until something popped and one of the mounting hole/tabs broke off of my Z axis mounting plate. Grrrrr.

I think I can hobble it together long enough to get something made to fix it. Either that or I will have to find someone willing to sell me a used Z-carriage. damnitman
Whats the heatup time for this heatbed? is it faster then the original one?
(05-30-2016, 09:39 AM)nnndoh Wrote: Whats the heatup time for this heatbed? is it faster then the original one?

Initially, I had the bed connected to the same wiring as the stock DaVinci bed. It worked but it was horribly slow to heat. It would time out once maybe twice during every warm up period. 

I am now using a 24 volt 10 amp power supply and a relay to power the bed. (There are several Instructables on that--I will add my own soon.) It heats amazingly fast now. Not as fast as the extruder, but close enough. Waiting on the bed to heat is no longer a thing. 

When I reworked my power source, I did connect the 24v supply to the 12v wiring pattern on the MK3. There is no problem with that but when checking with my laser temperature sensor I noticed some uneven heating. Not enough it seems to affect the prints, but I intend to go back and connect it the correct way, I belive that will smooth out the heating pattern.

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