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Davinci 1.0/1.0A ModPack for excellent prints.
So it's been a while, I had another thread going "Make a davinci 1.0 printer worth a damn" but it's been so long since I updated it I figured I would start a new thread with the finished product.

I have been working a lot in the field without internet. I did however have my 3d printer so over the last few months I've done quite a bit of upgrades and modifications to my Davinci 1.0A. I believe I have reached the point that my prints are near as perfect as they will get. So I put together a Davinci 1.0A Mod pack V2. (V1 is the currently installed in my printer and I've improved a few see pictures)

Please note that this is still very much a work in progress. Even while putting all these mods together this I discovered some things I need to do. Plus a lot of my printers mods were printed well before I have the knowledge I do now, and a lot of them are not printed out to the quality I am able to print now.

Attached is a .zip file with all the mods and add-ons I'm using as well as pictures of my setup. inside each mod folder is a readme file giving credit to who and where I found the original mod. A lot of them I've have changed to work better a lot of them I haven't changed.

If any of the original creators of the mods would like me to remove their modification from this pack please contact me and I will do so. Also if I have any of the creator citations wrong please let me know and I'll change it. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. (Which is why this pack will not be in Thingiverse.)

I did not include any install instructions frankly because it's been so long since some of them have been installed I didn't want to miss anything. Also, I have included hardware required to make the mod in the readme files, please let me know if any of the hardware lists are wrong.

I have included my current printers EEPROM .epr file off the top of my head the settings I have changed are: 

1. Filament load and unload rate and distance. 
2. Z axis movement rate.
3. Z axis calibrated to my printer actual movement so a command 100 is a commanded 100
4. Y axis calibrated to my printer actual movement so a command 100 is a commanded 100
5. X axis calibrated to my printer actual movement so a command 100 is a commanded 100
6. extruder calibrated to my printers Neustruder MK8 so a command 100 is a commanded 100
(I'm sure there have been a few other changes, but i can't remember the rest.)

I also provided my configuration file for repetier .92. I changed:
1. Thermsistor setting back to 5 as I'm using the stock thermsistor from the davinci
(Could never quite get the temps accurate with the e3d v6 100K ohm thermsistor)
2. Reversed the extruder drive direction for the way I have the extruder mounted.
3. configured it for a davinci 1.0A with the 5V fan repurposed as a layer fan.
(There may be some other changes, but I'm not sure anymore.)

1. Screenshots of my printer settings
2. my current slic3r configuration bundle.

I'm sure there's still room for improvement on this modpack and I'm sure this post and the readme files may have some errors. Like I said work in progress. If I were to spend more time on the write up on this mod pack it wouldn't be posted for a month or two since I work so much so I figured it was time to get it out there.

I'll try to check back at least once a day if anyone has any questions or concerns. Happy Modding!

If anyone has any ideas for a perfect print test let me know!

Davinci 1.0A/1.0 ModPack Pictures
NickJallDay/Shatner Davinci 1.0A ModPack v2

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