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Won't Home X-Axis
I just replaced the wiring in my x-axis motor (because I had a bad wire and prints were migrating on the x-axis) and now my printer won't home the x-axis!  It' homes y and z, but it just leaves x where ever it was after the previous print.  This means that the bed comes up and smashes into the extruder before the print starts.  Once started, I get perfect prints.  Seems odd.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.
The center wire on the x-axis home sensor was broken.  I spliced in a new piece and the printer works again.  The wire XYZ used is terrible.  It's not very flexible, and it would rather break than strip.  I'm going to order a bunch of spare connectors as it is likely I'll have to replace more of it.

Parts I will keep on hand:

PHR-3, PHR-4 and PHR-6 connectors


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