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Aio Scanner Repetier Firmware
Hi Guys

Recently purchased a Davinci AIO, I went for the AIO for the scanning capability, however after seeing how crappy the software was and the reason that i was not able to tether it to my octoprint, made me trash it and load Repetier 0.92, what a difference, night and day!

with that being said... i can not shake the fact that there is a complete scanning utility just lying there, unused and that just doesn't sit well with me.

Now i am not a very technical minded person when it comes to arduino, however, if the atmel chip enabled the repetier firmware to come about then i can only assume, that someone will be able to program an arduino to control the scanner and be able to use it separately if you were to either remove the scanners, and platter from the box or maybe even just leave it there and re-wire the scanners and platter to a separate arduino and scan. i don't see why not, especially if this project is capable:

is there anyone who is able to do this?? you will get glory from all 3d printing gods.

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