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Hardware Upgrades between 1.0, 1.0A, and AiO?
Are there any improvements in the basic hardware (belts, bearings, etc.) that were done to the davinci printers over the coarse of the model changes?  I intend to convert an old Davinci printer to a dual head bowden setup.  I want to make sure the printer has "good bones" before I start.  I've worked with an AiO and felt the hardware was pretty solid.  But a used 1.0 is pretty cheap on Ebay.  Since I am going to be flashing and modding it anyway, I figured I might as well pay less, as long as the mechanics are sound.

Also, I know the MB was changed.  Are there any major practical differences between the old and new?  Can the older boards accept another stepper driver for driving a second extruder?  I know the new ones can.

My older daVinci 1.0A has all the pcb traces for a second extruder, but more is absent than just the driver. You would need a couple of small surface mount transistors and resistors. I intend to reverse engineer the existing extruder and detail what needs to happen to add a second one but so far it has not made it to the top of my to do list. If you know a little bit about electronics, I don't think it will be hard to figure out.
Thanks for the info.  I will take a look at it when my unit arrives and see how difficult the soldering looks.  Not sure I want to mess with soldering transistors.

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