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Davinci Duo 2.0 - System Version 2.1.0

I am new to the forum. I have recently purchased the DaVinci Duo 2.0 and have system version 2.1.0

Will any of the filament resetters work on my printer or am I out of luck until it is hacked?

Do I have to install Repetier software to get it to work?  I really would rather wait until I am out of warranty.

Any help would be appreciated. 

if flashed with repetier you wont need a resetter as propitiatory filament isn't required after flashing with repetier and as for being worried about the warranty i wouldn't bother XYZ are known for not honoring them
I downloaded the sketch from voltivo, and downloaded to my Mega 2560 to try and do a reset. I too have the 2.1.0 on my Duo. All I get is a "Testing connection to Da Vinci EEPROM CHIP". Not sure why I am getting not response from the eeprom on the xyz cart.

Anyone else seeing the same thing, or have any ideas on why no "Da Vinci EEPROM found...".


Do you have an Arduino to test and see if you are getting the same response as I? I assume this would work fine with the 2560 instead of the UNO?

Edit: There was a poster named Bob (unregistered), and I found a post that on a Mega 2560 you need to use D38 and not 7. Worked Smile

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