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E3d v6, 1.0, flexible filament
I upgraded my 1.0 with e3d v6 and for a while I was able to print everything, well ABS, Ninjaflex and TPU. At some point I started to get oval circles so I took everything apart and found that first the PTFE tube I had cut into a upside down v shape to fit just under the gears was all damaged and loading filament was a pain, the heat break was bent (probably the reason for the oval circles), and to top things off the plastic on the fan shroud was crumbling.

I am sure I screwed all these things up during assembly but now I am wondering if there is a better mod out there or what are other people doing and printing with Ninjaflex, I figure if I can print this stuff  I can print anything.

The e3d mod I used:

Some other mods I see that may work well:
Usually oval circles are caused by uneven belt tension. The uneven tension can be between the two Y axis belts, or it can be between the y axis belts and the x-axis belt. There are several designs for x axis belt tensioners out there. Y axis tension shouldn't ordinarily be a problem with the davinci printers because that axis is spring loaded. But it is probably worth a quick visual inspection to make sure the springs are still in place and putting pressure on the rods. Check your belts and see if you think this is the problem. Belts should be tight enough that there is almost zero backlash, but not more than that. Too much tension can also be a problem.
Also check your bearing mounts. Cracked mounts can cause bad circles.
I'm using an E3D V6 Lite with much the same mod and haven't had any issues so far.
There's a thread on Soliforum about a new E3D extruder assembly called the Titan extruder and it sounds a straight forward fit in a Davinci. This would make printing flexibles a breeze and turn the Davinci into a seriously good machine.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

Thanks, I am installing the e3d Titan Extruder now, will update once I am done.

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