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Da Vinci 2.0a with Repetier Host issue
i just flashed my 2.0A with Repetier Host and all good except the last step, there is no load fail safe options under setup tab and if I turn of my pc i seem to lose the printer on the device manager list also S3d can not connect to the printer at all, any help would be much appreciated

ok got it all sorted except for not being able to connect to s3d
ok sorted it all but have discovered that the extruders are reading the opposite of what they are, extruder 1 thinks its extruder 2 and vice versa, any clues folks
What makes you think they are reading wrong? The left extruder is 0 and the right is 1 in the firmware, you can change which tool head is considered left and right in S3D by changing the tool number in the sections.

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