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help me understand 1.0AiO v.1.1.3
Hello everyone, I just got my first 3d printer and I'm so exited!!! 

I've read a lot of posts and its becoming so confusing to me that i just don't know what route to take! I want to be able to have the best and full experience with this printer, I read a lot about putting in a custom firmware, but this will eliminate my scanner function from what I understand, and I'm really not big in hacking my printer as I have only done a demo print with it, but I do like the idea of using different filaments which I understand that XZY is limiting that and heating the bed at whatever preferred temperature I'd like, which xzy also limits us!

I have also read about using the the program "simplify 3D" and that I can purchase a chip called "Xyzero cart" to place where the chip from the filament sets and that this would override the regulation on the filament, and by doing all this I would get a better in fuller experience with my printer. Where I start to get confused and misunderstand is with my printer being a 1.0 AiO (blue side panels) and in firmware version 1.1.3 do I need to "hack" the firmware into "repeater" in order to use "simplify 3-D" and the "xyzero cart" to have the option of using any filament that I choose and change the temperature? 

Allow me to thank you all in advance in helping me into the 3D printing world

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