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Duo settings in CURA for 2nd extruder
hI have everything up and running on my DaVinci Duo after flashing it.  I'm using CURA software to run it because it's also what I use at work for a Lulzbot Taz5.  I have a question about using the second extruder.  I've printed many things and it constantly wants to use the 1st extruder or the Left extruder.  In Cura I changed it to use just the 2nd extruder and it still wants to print with the 1st extruder.

1st extruder is Pink
2nd extruder is Black

I wanted to print completely black and that's not happening.  What am I missing here?  How do I get it to select just the second extruder?  XYZware was very simple on this.

I have attached a picture of my CURA settings.

Thanks for any help.

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