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Some problems with a newly flashed 1.0a
Good evening,

after flashing Repetier onto my Da Vinci 1.0a I've got some problems I can't eliminate:

1. When using the original FW an S3D, the printer did wait to heat the extruder and bed before printing, now it 
starts right away after klicking "print" in Repetier Host (trying to start a print in S3D leads to convulsions of the extruder),
even with programs that were running prior flashing.
It's not that big problem since you can preheat via the menu on the Da Vinci, but I would like to solve this at some time.

2. The bigger problem: With S3D and XYZ firmware I could start a print and everything worked pretty fine.
After flashing, it doesn't get the right position of the Z-axis. Wherever it stands, it will be printed on. Or not.

If I set Z to 0.5 via the manual control panel, it starts there, but if it was set zu let's say Z100, the extruder starts printing in the air.
I did the leveling, automatic and manual. I calibrated it to Z0.
Plus after the print, the extruder stays at the last point it printed an turns off, no going home. I added an G28 to the end of
the code, so it goes to home, but in the unflashed firmware, this wasn't necessary. Not that big deal, but I wonder why 
there is such a big difference.

3. With original firmware, the gcode was uploaded to the printer prior starting the print, now it "streams" the code.
I found the option in Repetier Host to upload the code, but this takes ages compared to the quick upload with S3D or XYZ.

May sound like dumb questions but I'm somewhat desperate after everyone said, "just flash and print" and now having such troubles.
thank you in advance
I'm interested to hear what others have to say about this, I am also experiencing similar issues with the Z location and the extruder not heating up first. I am on a newly flashed 1.0.
I'll have to check when I get home this evening, but I seem to recall having start and end g-code scripts that are set in repetier that automatically amend the gcode produced by the slicer that take care of the temperature issue as well as the other items. I've since switched to simplify3D and octoprint and both of those definitely have this functionality.
I must have deleted repetier host from the netbook I used to control the printer before switching to simplify3d and octoprint. I don't recall if the start and end gcode were in the slicer or the control program, but it was probably the slicer.   Anyway, search for "start gcode" and "end gcode" in the forum and you should be able to get examples for your program and printer which will fix the issues. 
- Phillip

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