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DaVinci 1.0A total conversion

After searching for info on a smoothieboard conversion on the Davinci, i decided to go ahead and do it myself, here is the list of mods i've done so far:

conversion to Smoothieboard
Change PSU to 400watt 33amp 12v
Change Print head to J-Head bowden
Bowden setup maintaining original parts
Change of thermistors
Changed to mechanical endstops

I've finished the functional part, i need to cleanup the config file and wiring, install some lights inside, and configure the fans (one for the extruder and one for the layers).

I've used parts for the bowden conversion found on Thingiverse (Thanks to evannguyen and Andy).

Let me know if you need some info on the install[Image: IMG_0922.JPG][Image: IMG_0924.JPG][Image: IMG_0923.JPG][Image: IMG_0925.JPG]

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