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Filament getting stuck
I believe something is screwed up in the left head of the Duo. No matter how much I clean it (I completely dissasembled it, including the heater block and heat pipe) it gets blocked after a while. I will replace it temporarily with a new spare I have to test if the same happens with various filaments (ABS, HIPS, Cicoloy home made crap) with temps between 220-240 C.

The filament swells in the pipe (as if the temp was too high) and then I have to dissasemble it, take the pipe apart, drill the filament out (will not slide out), clean the inside of the heater block and drill the nozzle with a .4 mm drill. Very weird. I checked if there may be scratches on the inside of the heat pipe or debris, but all looks fine. I am thinking to hook up a 12V source to the old heater block to be able to clean it better when it would be at about 230C, maybe there is cooked plastic inside that I cannot see.

But what I really want is a more modular, teflon insulated head as the MK8, eventually replacing both heads.

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