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Repetier and Da Vinci 1.0 Bed Alignment
I am having weird issues, I recently cleaned the massive amount of glue from my bed. Afterwards I tried to use the auto calibration, it failed on the third point. I tried to move it up and down but it continued to fail. I then did the manual calibration mode, got it so all sides were even and had some friction when I pull the paper. When I went to print I heard a grinding noise and then the extruder would hit the side of the bed, no filament would come out. I then tried the alternate method of starting a print, shutting it off as the extruder began to print. I then did the alignment, turned it off, went to print again and it was a 1/4 inch from the glass. It seems there is something really wrong with what I am doing or something with the printer.

Any ideas?

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