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z-probe failed
Hello I recently bought a Da Vinci 1.0 and flashed repetier firmware on it. I am having trouble auto leveling my bed. When everything is heated up and the nozzle is cleaned but hitting the drip tray, right when it is about to start checking the bed level it tells me "z-probe failed". Does anyone know what I can do to get the bed leveled? I tried to level it manually but apparently the bed was too close to the nozzle and the filament just pushed back up into it .self.
The auto-level sensor works by touching the dimple on the extruder nozzle to the metal clips on the bed, making an electrical connection. If the nozzle isn't clean or the clips aren't clean, it won't make contact and won't work. If the bed is too far down, it won't make contact and won't work. You can try cleaning the dimple on the nozzle with the wire brush, and the clips with some alcohol pads.

I'd still recommend doing a manual level. Do this by using the manual-level option from the control panel (rather than starting a print and then shutting down the printer). If, after doing this, the bed is still too close, then just turn all 3 screws one "swipe" lower. I've placed a piece of paper on the bottom of my printer that reminds me which way to turn each screw for raising and for lowering. (Swipe wheel to the right to lower, to the left to raise.)

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