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X-Axis/calibration issue
I upgraded my 1.0 to Rep 0.91 (I could not get 0.92 to work with the Arduino method, had to use bossac and the firmware .bin file) and everything was working great until this morning. A long job went bad over night, and my wife shut the printer down this morning. I looked like the object had shifted, or the extruder location was off since top and bottom halves of the object didn't line up.

Now every time I try to print, it starts out off-center, and runs off the table. I've re-flashed 0.91 twice now, but it doesn't seem to be resetting (hour meter and filament used counts remain intact). I've set the locations to x: -34, y: -10, but as soon as it homes those are set back to zero.

How can I get this reset?

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