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Incredibly hot Atmel Chip
I recently purchased the e3d v6 and had just finished installing it to my DV 1.0 and was onto the last step of finding the correct pins to connect the fan to, it was this step which I accidentally shorted the two cables and instantly bricked the printer. After trying to re-install repetier host it was failing to be shown in any com ports. I felt the chip and it is beyond a temperature I can touch and knew this was beyond a simple fix. I've been hauling the interwebs for days trying to find a fix to what I can describe from the odd fuse blown. I've contacted XYZ and as usual no help but want to sell me a motherboard for an extortionate amount.

Has anyone heard of this issue before that can point me in a direction of a possible fix or getting hold of another motherboard that is of a more reasonable value.

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