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Extruder heat turns off immediately after filament loads.
Original error was that when I tried to load the filament I got a decoupled error. I jumped the R271 resistor (fuse) on the main board after finding it was blown and not allowing 12v through to the extruder heater. I also added a 5w mini amp auto style fuse in the circuit since I didn't feel comfortable replacing the R271 surface mounted resistor on the board. Now when I choose to load the filament, everything appears to go properly as follows:
the extruder heats up to 230 and then allows you to load the filament. Once the filament is loaded and you go back to "home" the extruder heat starts dropping. You can load a print from the SD card but the temperature never rises, however the print head goes over the table and says it is printing even though no plastic comes out of the head since the extruder is too cold. Any suggestions on what to look for? Also, how do I know what the table temperature is since I am new and don't have a complete understanding of the various functions on the display. The printer was hacked by the previous owner using repetitor Host and firmware. I am trying to print directly from the SD card.

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