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No heat!!! DaVinci AIO 1.0 Rep 0.92
Well, I purchased a used DaVinci AIO 1.0 and achieved a couple of decent prints but knew that I wanted to change to Repetier as soon as I had the old software figured out. I flashed 0.92 over, with no problems. Set up the USB connection with no problems and have it connected in RH. I have added the start and end gcode in slic3rs settings. I can manually control everything about the printer; axes', extruder temp, heatbed temp, everything. When I slice and then hit start print all it shows is heating extruder on the print but the target temperatures it shows on the printer is 0. In the g code it shows correctly. If I manually heat up the bed and then extruder to temperature then hit start print, it just stops heating both and shows heating extruder on LCD. Any thoughts? Been scouring since yesterday looking for the answer, any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey there! Jay here. I have the same problem so here's a workaround. Simply use RH to load the file to the SD Card on the tab my the manual mode tab. Then manually heat up your heat bed to your desired temperature. When your heat bed is about 85% heated, set the temperature on your extruder that you desire. They will usually get finished close together to reduce excessive heat on extruder. Then run the file from your printer in the Print File Menu. This is how I print everything. If you have any other questions, just give us a holler.


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