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board terror || daVinci 1.0A || repetier 0.92
Last night i accidentally shorted 2 pins on motherboard with my multimeter (shaking hands!!!). I'm suspecting that it was the bottom left 12v with the 3.3v next to it or something near. (see picture attached)
The printer made a loud beep like when flushing the stock FW and then restarted with 2 black bars in the lcd. The lights on the bord look normal. I tried connect the printer to my pc to check if i can reupload repetier but windows don't recognise the usb device and see nothing on the ports. Panic and insomnia followed.
I tried turning on the printer while holding up+down keys, nothing.
I measured correct current in the power pins in the picture (3.3V, 5V, 12V)
I also checked the resistors and wrote the Ω values in the picture.
What are my options?
Is there any way to fix the board or i need a new board/printer?
Thank you.

[Image: IMG_20160110_160042832copy.jpg]

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