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Davinci 1.0A to SaniSmart RAMPS 1.5.7 (Ongoing project)
About a year ago I put reprap software on the original davinci hardware. It took a while to figure things out but I got it, and took a break because of how much work it took. The cat must have rubbed all over it because the next time I went to plug it in, it's just dead, completely unresponsive minus some lights indicating it is on. So I order a new processor, and fail to resolder it on. The solder I used kept clumping up and I was soldering at 400 degrees celcius, so prettymuch ruined it forever, first time surface mount soldering too. Rather than buying another junk board, I opted for a ramps. I went with SainSmart's Raps 1.5.7 board. So far, I had to order larger JST connectors to get it to plug in to the board. Stepper motors are hooked up. The heater bed is a simple screw/clamp terminal, so that's good. What's left is the LED bar, the endstops, the temperature sensors, and the extruder things.

Problems I see so far:
* I don't know the configuration of the power supply cords/plugs.
* The opto endstop voltage is unknown, and it's normally closed. I'm unsure how ramps works so I don't know if it can accept normally closed, nor do I know how it's 2 wire connectors source/sink electricity. So it's probably easiest to get some physical switches.
* There is a 7 wire plug coming from the printer that goes to the extruder, I don't know how to hook this up. I assume two are for the fan, and two for the temperature sensor, that leaves 3. I bought a new hotend too but need to print an adapter ;-;
* The LED bar is still a mystery. I saw another guy who had it as a topic, I think he said it's 12v, and he suspects the "top" pin is power, bottom is ground, and the middle is for pwm. I don't need dimming, I just need a 2 pin on/off.
* The temperature sensor connectors on the ramps board are 3 terminals that are labeled signal, 5v, and ground. My sensors are two wires.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated. I'll make a "for dummies" tutorial once mine's hooked up. I am very fluent in dummy.

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