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HELP! Fried my 1.0a Board
hi guys. I accidentally shorted 2 pins on my da vinci 1.0a board trying to probe for a fan connection. i was checking the plug on the motherboard for the cable harness the runs to the extruder to power the stock fan. i shorted them, the red led flashed on the board and the lcd went off. everything else seems to have power. i flashed it with repitier or however its spelled and i still have manuel control over the printer, but, when i upload a print it goes to start but to moves the bed all the way down and then stops. Anyone know how to repair this? i just bought the printer last week and I'm really disappointed. I don't know much about electronics and i am desperate for help. Anyone know if i can get a replacement? Ill pay someone who knows how to fix. thanks.

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