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Did I fried my motherboard? Da Vinci 1.0
Hi guys. Thank you in advance for your help.

I think I fried my motherboard.

I've been having trouble with the roll main cables running from the motherboard to the extruder head, connected by a white connector with yellow, blue, red, orange, black and green wires. Some of these cables have been broken or disconnected and I had to repair and reconnect them in a poor quality manner because I have not found the specific plastic part to introduce the cables and connecting the head correctly.

What happened is that, due to a bad connection on the yellow cable which is in that roll of cables running from the motherboard to the head, I burned when I turned on the printer. The cable released smoke when burned.

And I changed the cable. But now, when I put the menu "monitor mode" on LSD utilities printer screen displays ambient temperature of 52 ° C in the extruder, and 71 ° C in the hot bed. When I try to heat the extruder with a charging cycle filament, I feel the extruder temperature increase but the value of 52 ° C showing the screen does not change.

Do you think it is a damaged component on the motherboard? A resistance?

Do you think the damaged component is in the head?

How should I do with my tester tests to accumulate more information?

I am new to electronics so I understand if this is some easy sh** i can't figure out. Beforehand thank you very much for you help!

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