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Help! which repetier and slic3r settings to use after flash?

Yesterday I flashed my XYZPrinting DaVinci 1.0a which was running on fw 2.0.1 to repetier firmware.
It took a couple of attempts but succeeded eventually.
As per instructions in the github readme I loaded the failsafe settings and calibrated my bed using the manual method.
Then I entered the settings from this post into repetier-host/slic3r configuration.
I tried a simple 3D print (link) to have a first test. To my surprise it came out. It didn't look very good, but for a first attempt I was happy.

Today I wanted to continue to fine-tune the settings to get those nice prints everyone is posting which are supposed to look a lot better than what XYZWare was outputting.
4 hours later I must say I'm close to giving up, I've tried (re-)calibrating my bed, using both the manual method and the automatic method as demonstrated in this video.
When I use the manual method, the bed seems to be too low, meaning the filament is not pressed onto the bed hard enough.
When I use the automatic method, the extruder actually crashes into the bed when printing causing everything to get clogged up. (yes I set the z home pos in EEPROM and Z offset in Slic3r as instructed in the video).

As far as Repetier-host and Slic3r settings are concerned, I used both the settings instructed in this post.
Unfortunately neither seem to make much difference, which seems logical as long as I haven't got my bed leveled at the right height.

I'm really desperate here, so any help would be most welcome.
Thanks in advance!

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