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Octoprint/OctoPi Printer and Cura Profile
Hey all... First: Thank you for the wealth of information in this forum. I've already flashed my 2.0 to Repetier and have OctoPi setup and happily talking to the printer.

What I haven't been able to find on Voltivo or from Google are the actual 'Printer Profiles' or 'Cura Profiles (.ini)' for the 2.0 or Da Vinci printers in general.

I posted some screenshots bellow of the menus.

Can anybody that has gone down this path share their settings?[Image: Screenshot_19.png][Image: Screenshot_18.png][Image: Screenshot_17.png]
Have you found the Cura Settings and Profile in the meantime? Would you be willing to share them?

And a year later and a other user hows a newbee with repetier/octoprint.
Is there some one how could help me with my printer settings.

I'm able too print with extruder Left/"tool 0"

Dual color printhead still has a 35mm offset while printing.

And too use just extruder right/"tool 1" to print is a mistery for me. Tried too edit the gcode but it will not work.

So if some one could share the printerprofile and cura settings it would help me a lot

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