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Flashing the Aio
Is there anybody who actually did flash there Aio with succes, i dont care if the scanner works or not it is rubbish anyway, i tried searching several forums with no luck.. ? can somebody tell if it is the same procedure as 1.0A an the guideline or link to it?
Im tired of the xyz program and expensive filament, i already have bought a resetter but it will only allow to reset the ABS catridge and im mostly using PLA and need eiter the pla settings, i tried using simplify3D but it wont alow me to set the bed temperature.. im running 1.1.6
Somebody help Big Grin
Did you check the readme on Github?
Is there something in it that make you thinking process is different for AiO?
What bring the doubt?
if it is video it is just because 1.0(a) are more common than 2.0(a) or AiO
Please share to improve readme


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