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Da Vinci AIO Ethernet Port Addition - FW 1.1.5

I currently have a Da Vinci AIO printer with firmware 1.1.5 installed. I believe the board is the newer style based on what I see on the forms. There is an unpopulated ethernet port section on the board (see attached) I have since populated the board with an ethernet port and did some testing.

I connected the printer to my network and scanned for any new devices on the network using Angry IP Scanner, nothing new was found. When looking through the menus on the printer there is nothing there for networking, TCP/IP setup. I have not tried connecting the printer to my pc with a crossover cable as of yet. What I have concluded is that the firmware is not setup to allow the printer to connect to the network using the port, it has no way to pickup an IP address from the DCHP server and there is no way to setup a static IP on the printer itself.

I am wondering if there is a firmware version that has network support already built in? If so would it flash over correctly to my current printer?

I tried searching multiple forums for anyone who has tried to add the networking port to the printer and came up empty handed. The only thing I could find was using the SD card with wifi or just setting up a print server.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.


[Image: Ethernet_2015-12-11-2.JPG][Image: Rear_2015-12-11-2.jpg][Image: Ethernet_Populated_2015-12-11.jpg]

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