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3d Printer Bricked after Reptier host flash attempt.
Hey forum, So I bought a Davinci 1.0a 3d printer about a month ago and came to absolutely hate XYZware and decided to flash my printer with repetier host .92 following a nice tut. on youtube. The flash was successful but had some problems that I couldn't seem to resolve so I re-flashed my printer. I must have made an error during the flash attempt because now my printer is bricked with 2 black bars going across the LCD. I tried to use my JP37 jumper points and restart the process again but that didnt work. I saw a post on this fourm where someone had the same problem I did. The issue was resolved but I didnt understand what they where talking about really since Im a noob. All I got out of it was to install Atmel Studio 7.0 so my printer would at least connect to my computer. In which it did! It shows up as Bossa COM3 . But after that Im lost and dont know what to do! If someone could please assist me in unbricking my printer so I can flash it and resume printing!!
uninstall IDE and reinstall all properly - be sure you use 1.6.5 and DUE module 1.6.4 before modifying files from github
also be noted - do not update to 1.6.6 unless you modified the files again as new package is not patched.

In theory just flashing cannot easily brick the printer - so if you have black bar it just means you did not have proper variant.cpp installed properly

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