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EEprom write issues Davinci 1.0a
EEprom write issues Davinci 1.0a

Hi, i seem to have a problem and i've looked long for a solution without success.

I'm on mac (el capitan, but tested on maverics and windows also), i can't get the printer to save the eeprom settings, i can modify them live (either on the printer itself or via repetier host, for example the light permanently on and sound off) but once i reboot the printer the settings i changed are gone.

When i check the messages it says unable to write to SD I can mount and write to the sd without issues (either via repetier host, or by taking the sd out and writing directly)

I have a Davinci 1.0a with repetier 0.92 (i think rev 2)

any ideas?

Can you also power off the printer first and wait 2 min and be sure the SDCard is properly inserted
Do you use extension cable or card is directly inserted ?

can you give more details of actions you are doing ?
to be able to reproduce them
1 - what is working
2 - what it is not working
Hi Luc,

Thanks for the reply, i dont have an extension i have the SD (the original one) in the slot on the motherboard.

Below is a scenario.

I turn on the printer, the light is off and the sound (for the menu, ect is on), i open repetier Host, go into the printer eeprom menu and turn the light on (from 0 to 1) and inverse for the sound, it works immediately and live.

I can also replicate this via the lcd screen directly on the printer.

The moment i do a power cycle (either after a piece is completed or when i no longer need the printer) i lose the settings i changed, meaning the next power on, i have the sound back and the light turned off.

I hope this clears the whole issue up.

Hmm I guess the EEPROM on SDCard is somehow corrupted
Can you delete the file EEPROM.bin ? may be using repetier host
then power off / power on the printer and then do a load fail safe

this will redo the EEPROM.bin and hope solve your problem
Hi Luc,

I'll try that and get back to you.

I am working on 0.92.6 and I can reproduce it with light but all others settings like sound / sensors are OK - will dig on it

Edit: was not able to reproduce with current 0.92.3 = master branch

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