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2nd extruder not able to print to left 35mm of print bed !!
Folk, I've been working with my Duo 2.0 for quite a while but never with two color prints or using the second extruder...

Now that I'm trying to use the second extruder I'm finding that it cannot access the left most 35mm of the print bed.. it seems that it wants to keep the first extruder on the print bed and so limits my x movement causing prints from the second extruder to be clipped/ruined.

The first extruder (the left one from the front of the printer) works fine and can use the whole bed.

The second extruder (right one from the front of the printer) can't access the left most 35mm (approx) of the bed when printing, which looks suspiciously like the head travel is being limited to keep the left most extruder within the print bed area.

The registration of the two heads seems perfect on the parts of the print bed they can both access.

I see that from the EEPROM settings the second extruder is offset by the default -2852 X steps, setting this to 0 results in prints using the second extruder being printed about 35mm too far to the right (even off the bed) and not being aligned with the first extruder.

I've tried both MatterControl and Simplify3D to print from and they both see this issue.

Any clues how to fix this ?
I seem to have fixed this myself... I guess I was on an early build of the modified firmware, i just reflashed to the latest version and the issue seems to have gone away.. (I was on 1.15-01-28_1.3), now I'm on 1.15-10-30_1.3), i notice some subtle differences in the menu and also in the configuration.h file that seem to have some more specifics for the Duo2.0 than my old build had.

Thanks for continuing to work on this.


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