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Duo 2.0 Right extruder not printing
Hey everybody - got a strange issue with Duo 2.0 version 1. Used to work great with repetier firmware 0.91 and 0.92 from few months back. Didn't use the printer and Repetier host got changed. I moved the settings over via the registry export etc.
Now I can't get the right extruder to print. Works fine in manual control, can heat/extrude do everything with it, just won't print - does heat up and go through the movments except with no extrusion ( like a dry run )
Using Cura slicer within repetier - so seemed like hardware and firmware would be good. Removed repetier host and deleted everything including registry - still same behaviour.
Then restored the original factory J firmware and tried with xyzware - using only right - worked good. Compiled Luc's newest on github installed fine and re-installed repetier - did the levelling etc. back to dry print behavior - heats and moves just does not extrude during print. Works fine with all manual control from lcd and from repetier host.

( using start and end gcode in cura configuration from lucs post way back ) havent used slic3r - not sure what the printer shape and start end in slic3r woudl be for duo. )

Appreciate any clues where to start looking for this... gcode generated attached for a simple small trial print.
well for what I can see it miss the key command to use T1 (Right extruder) : T1
as T0 (Left extruder) is always selected by default you must add T1 to indicate which extruder you want to use
It was in my cura start code :
That was it, Thanks Luc !!!! You are the man !
I brought over the previous Start and End and somehow missed the last 2 lines with IF that selects the extruder. Just reading it for the temp lines somehow made me think the tool selection was being done ( I know that was dumb... ) .
Thanks again - can't believe I missed reading the start code and then again in the generated gcode. !!
That the issue with dual extruders printer - most of softwares are only one extruders optimized - and this macro make cura better than others

The only ones which manage dual extruders are makerware (but it is not for Davinci) and Simplify 3D, the rolls of slicers, which I use for all my printers : the makerbot based and the repetier based.
It cost but it worth, there is nothing comparable to S3D.

Thanks for the support vikram ^_^
Thanks ! I will try S3D if you recommend it so highly it must be good.

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